Periodic Table

Periodic Table of the Elements


A Chemical Formula Balancer

Periodic Table

This program provides two main features:

The Periodic table of the Elements

The Periodic Table of the elements is at the heart of our modern understanding of chemistry. This program lets you display this table and explore the various properties of the chemical elements. The program displays the table in its usual format. You can click on an element to learn more about it. You can also explore the elements by setting a color gradient or threshhold for any of the numerical properties. There is just a little documentation. You will have to experiment to get anything useful from this program.

A Chemical Formula Balancer

This is a simple Chemical Formula Balancer. You get to its window by typing Cmd-B (Ctrl-B on Windows, Lord only knows what on Linux, and that's assuming it works there.) It lets you type in a chemical equation. When you hit return, it puts you into the formula balancer. In any event, it keeps track of all the atoms on the left and right hand sides. There is a little documentation here.

Download Periodic Table v9

Download Periodic Table v6 - Older, and without the balancer.

You will need Stuffit Expander to decompress these files.

This is another fine software product from Kaleberg Labs.

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