Hawthorne Lane

This was our first time south of Market Street where we dined at Hawthorne Lane. The neighborhood is still rugid looking after dark and the restaurant, located on one of those San Fransisco alleyways was an oasis, or perhaps a fortress, from the dark streets. While not located in a great walking district - we used the hotel car - Hawthorne Lane was well worth the trip and is clearly in the top ranks of San Fransisco restaurants.

We believe that the chef, whose name we have forgotten, was once at the Mount View Restaurant in Calistoga which is now
Catahoula. We greatly enjoyed our meal there, and we greatly enjoyed our meal at Hawthorne Lane. The high points were the pepper venison in a rich red wine sauce, the risotto with black olives flavored with orange peel, vanilla and tarragon and the bottle of Elliot wine. The breads reminded us of the old Campton Place in their variety and excellent execution.

The restaurant is large, stylish and fashionable. Service is prompt, professional and friendly. (It was our waiter who recommended the
Elliot Cabernet). We plan to return on our next visit to town.

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