Hoh River from Five Mile Island

Hoh Rain Forest: Winter Damage Report

March 21, 2006

This winter was the winter of the high winds, and they even damaged some of the big trees in the relatively well protected Hoh Valley. We made it as far as Five Mile Island. There were a good number of trees down on the trail, including some giants, but bushwhacking over, under and around wasn't too hard. At least the trail wasn't flooded or muddy.

The river itself was green blue. The snows haven't started melting yet, so there wasn't the usual milky blue color you see in the summer. The little waterfalls were spectacular.

The pictures here are mostly of trees right by the trail, some blocking it. The last picture is of the herd of elk we saw at Five Mile Island. They seemed to have weathered the season quite well.

- The Kalebergs


Damaged Tree Near Five Mile Island

Split Tree Trunk
Tree Blocking the Trail
Elk Herd at Five Mile Island

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