Tra Vigne

Tra Vigne is part of a chain that includes Mustards, Betelnut, The Fog City Diner and several other California style / eclectic restaurants. Tra Vigne is an Italian bistro in St. Helena with a closed courtyard and a big airy dining room. More importantly for us, it serves all through the afternoon, so you can eat there whenever you want.

We always start our meals with a salad, like the Caesar salad or just the green salad, and one of the pizettas. They have a number of little crisp crust pizzas on the menu including a classic margharita. After we stash our leftover pizza, we go for the pasta. They have a great seafood pasta with saffron, or pasta with pea shoots and rock shrimp or pasta with sausage, mushrooms and spinach. There is nothing shocking or earth-shaking, but everything is delicious.

Tra Vigne is amazingly convenient and even has a takeout store where we managed to get a few bottles of Blockheadia Ringnosen (ask Coppola) and our beloved Biale. It is distinctly California-Italian, rather than strictly Italian, but it maintains that Italian love for good tasting food and
good tasting wine.

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