New Asia in San Francisco

New Asia

772 Pacific Avenue

415 391 6666

New Asia is a San Francisco Chinatown tradition. It has been around forever and seems to be a great favorite with families so that the great room is full of dumpling lovers of all ages. One's first visit, surely, is as an infant in a carrier, then as one of the children wandering about between tables, then as a bored teenager enduring family togetherness, then as a parent trying to manage the show, then as one of the grandparents, an old timer, but always chowing down on the offerings on the carts and sipping tea from the never empty teapot.

New Asia does not have the absolutely best dim sun in San Francisco. We'd give that honor to Yank Sing or Ton Kiang, but the dumplings are always good, sometimes great, and they always have the traditional favorites. At peak hours, there is sometimes a wait for a table, but since they cater to the family crowd, they have lots of big tables available. If anything, they seem to be on an upswing, with the quality in 2007 better than we remember it from five years ago.

Not only is New Asia large, but they have good hours, so you can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an in between meal. We have no one favorite here, but we always enjoy the sui mai and the shrimp dumplings. The carts come and go, and we choose our delicacies, and we always have a good hearty meal and a good time.

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