Richard Howell - Comic Book Artist

Richard Howell is one of the great comic book artists of our time. Not only does he draw, he inks, colors, plots, letters, schemes, and he writes his own stuff. You can often see him wandering around Manhattan delivering his Mudpool line of comics to the major comic book stores and the recycling center. Say "hello", and check out some of his great stuff.

Realistic Figure Drawing

Richard Howell has been in the business, as they call it in comic book land, for ages. He got his start back in the 1970s, and he worked with the great talents of the silver age. He started with the basics - the human figure.

"I've always considered the human figure at the center of comic book art"
- Richard Howell on the human figure

He studied under Matt Feazil, truly one of the masters, and there he developed his own inimitable style.

It is obvious to anyone reading Richard Howell's work, that he pays particular attenton to dialog. He feels that dialog is very important in establishing the character and driving the narrative.

"I don't just use the first few words you'd find in the dictionary."
- Richard Howell on dialog

Richard Howell has been producing exemplary dialog since he started talking years ago. His inspirations are myriad.

"Dialog is not just putting words in people's mouths."
- Richard Howell on people's mouths

Great Dialog!

Intricate flow chart
Unlike many artists of the "wham, blam, kaboom school", Richard Howell is noted for his intricate plotting. His work is aimed at adults, and not adults with ADHD.

"When narrative is the key, things have to happen."
- Richard Howell on narrative

Too many comic book artists go for the easy shot, the hackneyed plot, and cheap melodrama. There is a sort of laziness in the business, as they call it in comic book land, but Howell gives his plots a certain extra plottiness.

"I watch too many soap operas."
- Richard Howell on his couch

Much of the pleasure of reading comics is following the story as it is written. Richard Howell makes reading comics worth one's while.

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