Bonny's Bakery - Sal's - Mama's

UPDATE 3/23/05 - Bonny's is closed, Sal's is closed. The new sign says Mama's, so we're hoping they get through with the remodeling before summer. We'll update this page then.

UPDATE 6/9/04 - We pleased to report that Bonny's is now producing lots of their great cinnamon rolls, and Sal, the new owner, is experimenting with more Italian goodies. We still go for the sandwiches, but we have checked out the heros, which are good, but sort of melted in our backpacks on the trail.

Get up, skip the hotel breakfast, and get to Bonny's Bakery on Lincoln Street. This is a wonderful place with terrific coffee and heavenly cinammon rolls. Huge, gooey, buttery things that will motivate you to get your exercise later - or else. The lemon brioche are also exquisite as are the layer cakes. When it comes to frosting Bonny's does not stint. We have made a serious study of blackberry pies in the peninsula, and so we speak from knowledge when we say Bonny's are the best. Since blackberry pie is a virtual icon out here - you can get good ones at gas stations right along with the latte - you can imagine how tasty Bonny's renditions must be.

While you are breakfasting, put in an order for sandwichs to take on the trail - try the summer vegetable mix on whole grain bread. then grab your bounty and head for Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, the Hoh, Cape Alava, Klaloch's beaches, etc...

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