The big red barn

Adolphsen Farm

If you drive around the Sequim area at all, you have probably noticed the big red barn northeast of the intersection of Kitchen-Dick Road and Old Olympic Highway. We have often wondered what is in the barn, and what kind of farm it serves. Thanks to the Clallam Country Farm Tour on October 1st, we managed to find out. The farm is the Adolphsen Farm, and much of the crop is hay. In fact, there was an informative Washington State University Agricultural Extension exhibit on hay, including bales of different kinds of hay and the like. You could see that different kinds of grasses, alfalfa, fescue, and what not, gave the bales of hay different colors and textures. We imagine that this is much more interesting if you are a cow or a horse, or a farmer.

The other major crop is crucifer seeds. Clallam County is where the nation gets its broccoli seeds, and its kale, cabbage, brussels sprout and other such seeds. We'd often drive by broccoli or cabbage gone to seed and assumed that the farmer had somehow missed out on the harvest. In fact, the seeds were the harvest, and there is a whole science as to when to harvest which types of seed. Inside the barn, we could see the machines for sifting the dried seeds, and we could see the crates of seeds stacked up high.

Farm equipment  The setting

Seed sifting machinery  Crates of seeds

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