The Gallery at El Questro

The Gallery is a collection of aboriginal art which is accessible by either helicopter or by an arduous five hour hike from the nearest dirt road. On our visit, our helicopter pilot spent our down time cutting down a few of the local trees to enlarge the landing area for safety. Meanwhile, we made our way over the rocks and rubble towards the cliff face of the Galllery itself.

From the distance, it is hard to see much besides the natural ripples of the canyon wall. From near the base of the wall, the various paintings become visible. Most of the rock paintings are in a broad band, perhaps 10 meters from the canyon floor, which could be reached by the aboriginal painters with their equipment.





A long crocodile




Squatting human form


Dancing human form with a hand print in the upper right corner




A centipede?


Two boomerangs - a common motif - good hunting?


Human figures


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