All the Trimmings - N.Y.Beads and M&J

The New York City Garment District isn't what it was in hits heyday, but it is stil worth exploring the trim, button and bead shops on and near Sixth Avenue (currently renamed the Avenue of the Americas) in the mid-30s. Two of our favorites are N. Y. Beads and M & J, though there are many others open for retail. If you can wander into one of these paradises of ribbons and sequins and plastic whatnots without feeling the pull of the Muse, you have a leaden soul.

You can shop online at:

New York Beads Logo or M & J Trim Logo

but there is nothing like wandering the masses of glittery gems, carved wooden figurines, metalized tchotkes, and woven, lacy fripperies that clutter the tables, aisles, cabinets and display cases.

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