Strand Book Store

828 Broadway (12th Street)

212 473 1452

This is a perfect bookstore for when you get those wild cravings to read something off the best sellers list, and just don't want to wait for the an internet delivery. We had been working our way for George Barr McCutcheon's Graustark novels, when we had a sudden craving to read Brewster's Millions, one of his books that had been turned into a movie. We were walking down Fifth Avenue, near Union Square at the time, and were sorely tempted by the nearby Barnes & Noble, but instead made our way past the Forbidden Planet to Strand. There, in the basement, we found exactly what we were looking for.

The place is full of books, so even if you don't find what you want, you'll probably find something neat. The upstairs, stocked with art book overstocks is the perfect place to buy a coffee table book, but you'll have to go elsewhere to get the legs that bolt onto it.

You never know when the urge for literature, or just plain reading matter will strike, so keep Strand in mind.

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