Morrell Wine Bar - 212 262 7700 - 1 Rockefeller Center on 49th between 5th and 6th

We have often shopped for fine wines and spirits at Morrell and Company at Madison Avenue, so when they opened a wine bar in Rockefeller Center we had to try it out. We were impressed. They have an excellent wine list with great glasses of French and American wines (among others) and they are pretty good about pouring a splash for you so you can get a taste before investing $20 in an extra special glass that might not appeal.

The food is California modern with the usual French and Italian influences. Every pasta dish is wonderful. We particularly liked the angel hair pasta with roast vegetables. The Cobb salad is straightforward and wonderful with blue cheese, romaine lettuce, roast red peppers, turkey breast and bacon. The Cubano pork sandwich varied from superbly rich to merely great. The dishes here are not fussy, but are always well prepared.

The Morrell Wine Bar is a great place for a glass of wine, a light meal or a full dinner. Best of all, they serve all afternoon so you can drop in for just the meal you want.

Since there is still a big Japanese presence around Rockefeller Center, we had an amusing cultural insight at the Morrell Wine Bar.

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