Kang Suh - 212 564 6845 - SE corner of Broadway and 32nd


The decor at Kang Suh is pretty basic with its plain looking tables and chairs, but look closely. Each table has a little trap door in the middle and their is an industrial strength range hood overhead. Order the thinly sliced beef short ribs, the chicken or the tongue and they'll cook it for you right at your table, or you can cook it yourself.

The meal starts with a variety of sauces and salads, like the best kim chi you have ever eaten unless you have an authentic Korean grandmother. This array also includes an excellent sea weed salad, a cole slaw (kim chi lite?), and some hearty rice noodles.

Once you have settled in exploring the salads, a sturdy waiter will deliver two hefty buckets of glowing hot coals, and so the main course begins. Cook the meats to your taste and then wrap them up in a lettuce leaf with the sauce and garnishes of your choice and chow down.

You can supplement the fruits of the grill with a broad variety of rice, buckwheat and cellophane noodle dishes or a wonderful Korean omelet/pancake with scallions and oysters. The service is friendly, the food is excellent and they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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