11 Madison Park

This is the other Danny Meyer restaurant that is located on the same block as Tabla. The cooking here is harder to characterize than that at Tabla, or Grammercy Tavern, or the Union Square Cafe, but the emphasis is on great, imaginative ingredients, well cooked and served in an imaginative style.

It is probably possible to eat a conventional steak and potatoes meal here, but why bother. Here they have wonderful offal, an extensive, well chosen wine list and knowledgeable service, to help one navigate through the menu and the meal.

Why start with a salad, when you can have a friand, whatever that is, of sweetbreads served with a delightfully tender pig's foot, a head cheese with tart gherkins and jicama remoulade or a fois gras and beef shank terrine to start one's meal. For the main course, they have skate wing, as at most Danny Meyer restaurants, but they also have pig cheeks with cabbage and spaetzel, a breast of capon, served with a sausage stuffed capon thigh, or a venison chop served with a venison osso bucco with mustard greens.

The food is fascinating and the combinations, though unusual, work well. For an imaginative meal, great wine and wonderful service check out 11 Madison Park.

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