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Eleni's Bakery

This is the place for interesting cookies in Chelsea Market. The cookies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are iced to perfection. We tend to drop by in the autumn when they have autumn leaf sets and a charming turkey and harvest set for Thanksgiving.

UPDATE 13 April 2005: We checked out their cupcakes, and they were much better than the ones at Magnolia Bakery. It is a long story, but we were at the business center at our hotel checking our email and one of the staffers dropped by with a tray of cupcakes. They were left overs from their catering operation, and they were pretty good. The next day we were down at Chelsea Market and decided to see what serious cupcakes were like. So, we gave them a try at Eleni's. Yes, they were better than our hotel cupcakes, with much more butter in the cake, but both hotel and Eleni's cupcakes were better than the ones we last had at Magnolia. Sic transit gloria cupcake.

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