Dim Sum Go Go

5 East Broadway

212 732 0797

UPDATE (10/25/01): We missed Dim Sum Go Go on our last New York trip. We couldn't reach them by phone and were afraid that they had closed. We called them more recently and it turns out that their phones have been down since 9/11, but Veronica assures us that they are open for business, so we will be back on our next trip.

Dim Sum Go Go is a modern Chinese restaurant right off of Chatham Square in Chinatown. The cooking is bright and crisp, with great, fresh ingredients and imaginative combinations. The "Dim Sum" in the name is only part of the story, they do have excellent dumplings, but they also have a number of other spectacular dishes.

We usually do start with the dim sum, which is ordered from the menu here, not pushed around on a cart. We particularly liked the crabmeat dumplings in spinach skins, the pork and vegetable dumplings, the chicken dumplings in beet skin, the mushroom jicama and bean curd dumplings in rice skins and all of the others. All of the skins are richly flavored and the fillings savory.

One dish you have to try is the chicken breast, with its skin golden and crispy, served on a bed of minced garlic. The aroma is so rich that one is tempted to dive into it. In season, try the pea vines and bamboo heart. The latter is a slightly sponge-like white vegetable with a slightly sweet flavor that puts most bamboo shoots to shame. Other winners are the three birds on a plate, a collection of vegetarian pseudo-poultry with hearty flavors and delightfully varied textures, the smoked shredded duck with young preserved ginger, and the shrimp served with boiled soy beans, bacon & scallions.

We always order a lot and take away left overs, but despite this, we have barely begun to sample them menu. We keep re-ordering old favorites instead.

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