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Sixth Avenue between 18th & 19th

The Container Store is a big box store and one of a nationwide chain. While New York City is not big box store friendly, there is a big box store district on Sixth Avenue in the upper teens and lower 20s. The Container Store makes the Bed, Bath and Beyond and Barnes and Noble seem horribly unfocused, as they offer mere catch all collections of merchandise. In contrast, the Container Store has a single minded goal, to sell things into which you put other things.

For those who grew up wishing to be minor bureaucrats in Monty Python's Department of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things, the Container Store is a sort of nirvana. There are boxes and bowls and organizers. There are trash cans and hampers, filing systems and shipping supplies, several different brands of shelving systems, toothbrush holders and shower caddies, bread boxes and picnic baskets, and the list goes on. For every human endeavor which involves putting things into other things, the container store makes a good stab at covering the category.

The Container Store is the perfect big box store for New York City, which is infamous for tiny apartments. If you have a three car garage, you have lots of room for the stuff of life, especially if you don't mind parking in the driveway. If you have a one bedroom apartment and a world class Byzantine icon collection, like many New Yorkers, you need a trip to the Container Store.

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