Cato Corner FarmCato Corner Farms

Saturday at the Union Square Greenmarket

Colchester, CT

Even though we can't cook on our trips to Manhattan, we always check out the Union Square Greenmarket to see what great new foods are being offered. We can never say no to cheese, so we were soon at the head of the line for Cato Corner Farm where one of the two cheesemakers was giving a guided tour of their products. These are all raw cow's milk cheeses, but they are each set and aged differently. We couldn't resist. There is always some room in the overhead bin. Cato Corner Farms makes cheeses in a variety of tradional styles:

  • Friar's Repast - Dry and nutty, sweet and unique. This was a small, well aged cheese.
  • Sailor's Delight - A washed rind blue. Small and intense.
  • Misty Morning - An incredible blue, rich and soft. Check out all the lancings in the picture. This cheese is seriously blue!
  • Vivace Bambino - A sweet, young cheese with lots of body.
  • Old Man Winter Vivace - This is the Vivace Bambino aged for a full year. It is an imploded neutron star of a cheese with megatons of flavor - medium sharp with fruity overtones and a lingering bite.

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