Aedes de Venusta - 9 Christopher Street

This is a neat little fragrance shop on Christopher Street in the Village, located right beneath the Oscar Wilde Bookstore. If you are very lucky, you will arrive when the wisteria vine across the street is in bloom and turns the nearby street tree into a wisteria tree. If wisteria is not your scent of choice, it is awfully heavy, check out Aedes de Venusta. They have a broad range of fragrances, that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere, even in New York City.

Here you can find Mon Jardinet bath oil, Aesop hand cream, Etro essential oils, Comptour Sud Pacifique spray scents and Diptyque candles. They have the entire set of Diptyque scents, from balsam to leather and beyond, in stock. If you aren't sure of what you want, or you are looking for something obscure or just coming onto the market, just ask. The staff (the owners) are extremely knowledgeable, and even better, enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

UPDATE 9 November 2006 - Their website is at

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