Diamond Head Hike

Actually this was a surprisingly nice walk. We could see Diamond Head from our hotel, the Halekulani, but we really didn't want to rent a car, just to drive up that way. So, instead, we got a map from the hotel and wandered off.

We started out along the beach, enjoying the typical Honolulu beach scene with surfers, sunbathers, rollerbladers, and strollers checking out the scene. Then, we headed inland and started our climb. Here the route was a bit less interesting, and things became a bit suburban. Still, it was Hawaii, and the local garden plants were fascinating enough to draw our attention. Soon we passed the last malasada joint and gas station and we could tell we were climbing. On our right was the wall of Diamond Head, but there was no way up.

A bit farther on we came to the local college, with its manicured grounds, and we could see the turn off for the tunnel into the volcanic crater of Diamond Head. There was a safe path for walking through the tunnel, and then we were in the parking lot. We had started early, so there was no line at the admission booth. We paid our way in and traversed the grassy flat lands of the crater floor and began the steep ascent, up trail and then up stairs to the fortifications built into the wall of the crater.

Up top, there was a spectacular view of Honolulu, a very pretty city, the Pacific, a very pretty ocean, and a lot of World War II vintage concrete bunkers. We weren't up to clambering up on the roof, but we did wander here and there, checking out the various views. The climb was definitely worth it.

We made our way down, noticing that the ascending crowd had thickened. There was a block long line at the admission booth. We debated walking back to our hotel, but the taxi line beckoned. Who were we to resist.

If you have some time in Honolulu, this is an excellent urban park walk, with a bit of nature and a bit of history. You can probably even score some malasadas en route.

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