How to Fight Back

There was a reason the fanatics who attacked the United States September 11 chose a non-military target in New York. New York is full of everything they hate: Jews, homosexuals, uppity women, sexy entertainment, music, religious diversity, and mouthy individualists who believe they have a right to choose the way they live. And all of us who think those things are worth having or at least have a right to exist need to know that the city took a hit for us. So we have a suggestion to fight back. Visit New York now and spend some money. You will never get a better deal or be more welcome. The Kalebergs are going, and we’re going in style.

We can also fight back by standing up for American religious freedom. If your community has experienced any bigoted incidents directed toward Muslim Americans or Americans who may look like Muslims (such as Sikhs), take action. Call your church, your temple, or your synagogue and set up a partnership with a local mosque or Sikh temple. Offer to escort women who wear the hejab, chador, turban, or burkha on errands around town. Talk to your children about prejudice. We must fight our enemies not each other.