Otto's is located on Huron Avenue where Pentimento used to be but it smells much better. We were so intrigued by the aroma and the menu that we made the mistake of trying the place. We ordered two po'boy oyster sandwiches, New Orleans classics, and sat down to wait. The place smelled so good that it was a good fifteen minutes before we remembered we were in Cambridge. After about 20 to 25 minutes we decided to ask after our order. Well, this is Cambridge, so we were not surprised by our our answer - they had burned the oysters, had no more oysters in stock, and didn't consider that it might have been a good idea to inform of us this. We did get, after some irate insistence, a chit good for two more sandwiches, though it is not clear what this is worth given their problems delivering the goods.

Our advice: Come if you are not hungry.

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