Grill 23

Grill 23 looks like an old fashioned steak house with wood paneled walls, clunky (read "masculine") furniture, and a display of old port, cognac and cigars. In fact, Grill 23 is a new fangled steak house and has the best steaks in Boston, along with a selection of other dishes which we have yet to try. They are not limited to standard steak house fare of salad, shrimp cocktail, then steak with plant product side dish. They have a real menu including food a vegetarian can eat and enjoy.

Located on Berkeley Street, kind of behind Back Bay, it has a business-y clientele with a lot of men (and a good smattering of women) in suits. The service is excellent, starting with valet parking, a wine steward who knows her stuff and at least one pair of reading glasses if you have forgotten your own.

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