Ambrosia on Huntington


Ambrosia is located in an odd part of Boston, on Huntington Street sort of behind the Prudential Center. Unlike many streets in central Boston, Huntington is not pedestrian friendly and the architecture is strange by Boston standards. Ambrosia is on the ground floor of one of those big office buildings and is a large corner space with modern decor and a very high ceiling. You might not even guess you were in Boston at all.

The dinner menu is idiosyncratic and up to date. The menu reflects modern American cooking trends with Italian, French, Latin American and Oriental influences. Some of our friends found the food a bit fussy and we did avoid certain dishes, such as the fois gras cooked in coconut oil which sounded like too much and too much - kind of like Vong's in New York. The appetizers included lobster on buckwheat pancakes and purple potato spring rolls. For our primi (first course after the appetizer in Italian) we had two risottos, one of rich, sticky black Thai rice with caviar and the other green and redolent of herbs. The big chunk of beef glowed against a background of mashed potatoes and grilled eggplant. Try it at home, it's great. And, the venison was sweet with kohlrabi, greens and mustard seeds.

Ambrosia has valet parking and they serve bar food at dinner and lunch during the day. We have yet to try them, but we plan to.

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