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May 2005

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05/26 - Here are some movies we made from the Hurricane Ridge web camera images. Click on either image to see a short movie of the moon setting or the snow melting. For more info, or to bookmark this, click here.
Snow Melting

05/25 - We were up at Hurricane Ridge today and were pleased to see that the road to Hurricane Hill was open, despite the snow on the ground which was rapidly melting. The high country wild flower seasson is starting early this year. We have already missed the glacier lilies, but the avalanche lilies are out and the scent of the phlox was everywhere. It looks as if the lupines are getting ready.
Avalanche Lilies

This is typical of the high country. The season is short and the flowers are in a hurry.

If you plan on seeing the wildflowers in the Olympic Mountains this year, this is a good time to get up to Hurricane Ridge.

05/21 - The first pea shoots of the season are in at the Port Angeles Farmers Market. Johnston Farms sold out early today, and we were the guilty party. They claim that lots more are on the way. They are also expecting an early tomato crop and have fruit already ripening, so do check out their stand next Saturday.

  • 1-2 lbs pea shoots
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
Rinse the pea shoots.
Bring a large pot of water to a boil and blanche the pea shoots until they turn dark green.
Sautee the pea shoots over medium high heat in sesame oil.
Cook for a fair while, then remove from the heat and add the soy sauce.
Pea Shoots

Pink Trilium
05/13 - The flowers are coming out at Lake Crescent. As we noted earlier, the trililums are definitely out, along with a host of others.

Also back for the year, the white slug. We've been seeing some of the local Olympic salamanders, but none were out for this photo session.
Interesting Plants
Indian Paintbrush
White Slug Another Plant

Hurricane Ridge Web Camera05/12 - Wow, there is a new Hurricane Ridge web camera! We can't remember how many times it has been cloudy and gray at sea level, but a mile up at Hurricane Ridge the sky is blue and the air is clear. Now, we can check things out from ground level.

UPDATE 05/13 - It has not taken us long to put together a short Quicktime movie from the webcam imagery. We apologize for the color balance and some of the blockiness, but this is a webcam on top of a mile high mountain. You will need to load Quicktime to view this movie, or the bigger version of it.
Trilium in Flower05/07 - We've been spotting triliums by the roadside. We'll have to get up to the Lake Angeles Trail and out to the Spruce Railroad Trail to see how they are doing.

The picture to the left is from our files.
Ashes and Snow
05/06 - We saw a great exhibit, Ashes and Snow, last month in New York. It brought back great memories of the 1960s, but not for the obvious reasons. It also brought back memories of old New York, when on the waterfront had a whole different meaning.

- We've finally been going over our notes from our New York City trip and figuring out what is worth posting. Things are slow here in Port Angeles, or rather we've been so focused on various boring projects that we have fallen behind. So, here is something from nearly a month ago;
She by H. Rider Haggard
We were walking down 56th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues when we noticed an unusual sign on one of the buildings:

    Eleanor's Building - She who must be obeyed

We have no idea of who Eleanor is, though we assume that building was indeed hers. As for "she who must be obeyed", we have to thank H. Rider Haggard who wrote the book She which is surprisingly not a gay camp classic. After all, the story involves a closeted male couple, one member of whom is tempted by a family inheritance which takes him to a mysterious lost land in Africa. Here, he and his male partner are tempted by, of all things, women. Ayesha, the queen of this society is seeking immortality, which requires the presence of a male partner, suggesting that this is a metaphor for the familiar immortality obtained by having children. If you've read Victorian fiction in which the heroine must fight for her virtue, you will find this all familiar, save for Haggard's sex reversal. In the end, virtue triumphs.

We don't think that any of the characters in She was named Eleanor, and we are probably reading a bit much into a mere sign.

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